Guided Relaxation

I offer these sessions as an opportunity to find inner calm and rest, to release tension from your daily life so that you can heal (physically and emotionally), sleep better and be more productive.

All you need to do is get comfortable somewhere you won’t be disturbed while I read to you. I’ll guide you through your body, visualisations, positive affirmations and stories.

  • No preparation required
  • No right or wrong way to do it (but I wouldn’t suggest getting up and wandering around or doing something else)
  • No previous experience necessary
  • You can fall asleep and you’ll still benefit .


Fancy giving it a try?

If circumstances don’t allow you that time for yourself, you’re so busy that you barely have time to stop, or you’re feeling stressed but can’t commit to full hypnotherapy at the moment, give your brain a bit of a holiday and contact me for a 1:1 appointment.

Current group sessions are:

Pre-weekend Unwind Guided Relaxation - Friday 6th May 9.30-10.15am

Monday Evening Guided Relaxation - Monday 9th May 8-8.45pm

Both events are being held at Cox Green Community Centre in Maidenhead.


Friday Unwind Guided Relaxation - Friday 6th May 5-5.30pm

Contact me for more details. Booking is required in advance to secure your place.

Your investment (in you)

1:1 ranging from £15 (20 minutes) to £30 (45 minutes)

Groups (fees per person) £8 (20-30 minutes in person) £5 (20 minutes online)