For stress and/or anxiety support and management, confidence building or reframing uncomfortable situations. (i.e. driving, presentations, exams, dentist/other medical issues)

Includes: Initial Consultation (1.5 hours), 6 x 1 hour sessions. Please note this is for discount purposes as a starter pack. This is no indication of how many sessions you'll need in total, which is different for everyone.

£470 (Online) £500 (in-person)

Simply Unwind

Guided relaxation sessions

Includes: 30 minutes (Online) 40 minutes (in-person)

3 sessions £66 (Online) £100 (in-person) | 6 sessions £130 (Online) £198 (in-person) | 10 sessions £210 (Online) £320 (in-person)

Unwind & Reshape

Tailored guided relaxation sessions with techniques to help you feel calmer

Includes: 6 x 1 hour sessions, a personalised download, of up to 30 minutes, at the end of the package.

£440 (Online) £470 (in-person)

Gently Uplift

Self-Care coaching for positive change and confidence

Includes: 4 x 1 hour sessions)

£260 (Online) £280 (in-person)

Uplift & Radiate

Self-Care coaching sessions tailored to you to create lasting change

Includes: 8 x 1 hour sessions, personalised self-care guide at the end of the package to set goals and build your personal toolkit

£600(Online) £640 (in-person)

Words That Move (Writing for Wellbeing)

Writing for Wellbeing exercise guides for your needs (including Stress & Anxiety Relief, Self Exploration/Personal Development, Positivity, Preferred Future/Confidence)

Includes: 2 x 1 hour 1:1 sessions - Introductory and Reflective, and 1 guide

Prices from: £130 (Online) £150 (in-person) extra 'guides' are £40 each

Personalised Audio Downloads

Guided visualisation(s) for stress and anxiety relief and/or goal visualisations and manifestations

Includes: 1.5 hour 1:1 session to establish content and how the download can work best for you. Audio file to keep – up to 30 minutes

Prices start from £140(Online) £150 (in-person)

Power Hour

Can't decide which of the treatments would be best for you? I'll help you focus on possible solutions in the time we have.

Includes: 1 hour session

£65 (Online) £70 (in-person)