Guided Relaxation & Meditation

Resting often gets overlooked, pushed aside because we don't have time. But this is vital for busy, stressed out people who want to avoid burnout. Our brains need down time during times of busyness and stress more than after. Unfortunately if you don't choose time to rest, your body chooses for you - when it's least convenient.

The phrase 'Guided Relaxation' has two main meanings at Unwind & Uplift. Both provide an opportunity to find inner calm and peace, to release tension from your daily life so that you can heal (physically and emotionally), sleep better and be more productive.


(Gentle directed) Relaxation

A simple but very effective session with me where you sit or lie down somewhere comfortable, close your eyes and I talk you through some top to toe mindful visualisations and peaceful imagery.  

Personal Relaxation Support

Tailored 1:1 support and guidance on ways you can personally relax more to improve your mental health and wellbeing. I will help you navigate your individual means to do that.