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Little Peaces

This is a blog about things that are calming, positive or both!

Each post will be different, and perhaps unconventional, reflecting my values and those of my work. Let’s call it a pick ‘n’ mix without the calories. (Flashback to the Woolworths days anyone?)

The Twelve Prompts of Christmas


Even if you don't celebrate Christmas, you may well be aware of the traditional English carol, The Twelve Days of Christmas. If you're not, then it doesn't really matter. The beauty of this exercise is you can be as vague or specific as you like. There's also no right or wrong answers, (as you'll hear me say a lot!)

Feel free to do these at a time that suits you best (i.e. not necessarily one a day in the actual 12 days of Christmas.) I hope you enjoy them and the season itself!

A partridge in a pear tree


2 turtle doves


3 french hens


4 calling birds


5 gold rings


6 geese are laying


7 swans are swimming


8 maids are milking


9 ladies dancing


10 lords a leaping


11 pipers piping


12 drummers drumming


Wednesday 13th December, 11:33am

Recognising our foundations


With buildings, the foundations are a critical element. Designed to ensure balance and provide a firm footing. Once the structure is complete though, they're no longer visible. The same can be said of our everyday lives. When things are going well, our foundations are seamless. We don't think about how or why we're standing tall. We just do.

But what about when the storm comes, battering our walls and ripping off our roofs? Then we need to remind ourselves of what is grounding us and keeping our structure in place. So we can have confidence in our survival.

Our bricks and cement contain these things...

  • Passions, hobbies and interests. (The things that create and bring joy.)
  • People we connect with in positive ways.
  • Values and beliefs. (Are we living in alignment and with a sense of purpose?)
  • Where we started from. We've built upon those foundations since.

If you're swaying a bit right now, take this as a reminder to check in with yourself. The bricks and cement above can be your guiding prompts. If you need a consultation with a structural engineer, you know where to find me.

Monday 13th November, 6:45pm

13 Reasons to think positively about thirteen


Our fears (mainly superstition) of thirteen date back to biblical times. The poor number generally gets a bit of a bashing doesn't it? Personally, I love it and find its mystery fascinating. Wouldn't it be lovely if we could change the way we think about it? So, on Friday 13th, in the month of Halloween, I present you with 13 fun reasons why we can view the number between 12 and 14 more positively.

1. The names of the fears themselves are just wonderful

Triksideskaphobia - fear of the number 13, Paraskevidekatriaphobia - fear of Friday the13th

I don't know about you, but I love a word I can't pronounce. These two seem to be 'the more the merrier' in terms of letters too.

2. The unspoken avoidance can be quite funny

Buildings, aeroplanes and train stations (yes, Paddington I'm talking to you) miss the number out in their labelling. Floors, aisles and platforms mysteriously jump from 12 to 14. Do they think by pretending 13 doesn't exist, it can't hurt anyone? It's really just 13 disguised as 14 then isn't it?

3. Hidden 13

It's a number hidden in random little things, which haven't harmed us. To name a few...

  • Baker's Dozen (one for the baker to test.)
  • In a standard deck of 52 cards, there are four suits of 13.

A lot of the calendar months have 31 days. Surely this is just 13 backwards?

4. Time

Have you noticed how we have a 13:00 every day and survive? It's lunch time for me, and being such a foodie, I very much appreciate it.

5. Age

It's the first of the teens. The first step on a child's journey into the challenging world of young adulthood. I like to think kids are still sweet and innocent as they reach this milestone.

6. Entertainment

Great films and TV series have included this number in the title.

  • Friday The 13th
  • Apollo 13
  • Ocean's Thirteen
  • 13 Going On 30
  • 13 Reasons Why
  • 13 (Jodie Comer in her early career)

7. Maths

It's not just a prime number, (only divisible by itself and 1). It's also in the Fibonacci sequence, known for fascinating patterns in maths and nature. (Each number is the sum of the two previous ones.)

8. Feminine number

It's considered a fertility number by the ancient Greeks. Some mythologists view it as feminine due to a 'regular' woman having 13 menstrual cycles in a year. Interesting!

9. New beginnings

The common misconception of the Death card in Tarot (13th card) is the literal reading. Yes, it does symbolise endings, but these can lead to rebirth and powerful new beginnings!

10. Elements

This number is associated with the element of air. Creative and intellectual energy is ours!

11. It can be lucky

In places like Thailand, India and Japan, 13 is considered a very lucky number. The Italian expression fare tredici (“to do 13”) means hit the jackpot!

12. A personal connection to it

I was born in the 13th hour of the 26th June (double thirteen!) Is the 13th of the month a special date for you? Do you have happy memories of living at number 13 perhaps?

13. Mindset

Some people feel that today's date is associated with terribly bad luck. There's no concrete evidence to suggest anything bad is more likely to happen to us on this date than any other. It's simply a matter of personal belief.

Our brains are wired to focus on negatives, to keep us safe from impending danger. If something bad happens on the 13th day of the month, we are likely to keep noticing others. But what if we deliberately focused on good and positive things? There's likely to be lots of them too.

Friday 13th October, 1:13pm

Changing 'if' to 'let' (a poetic response)


Below is my interpretation of six lines from the famous poem - Rudyard Kipling's 'If' (highlighted above) It's part Writing for Wellbeing exercise, part creative response translated into my own words. Do I feel slightly self conscious sharing this? Yes! It's not written with proper rhythm, metre etc but it's not meant to be. I believe there's no right or wrong way to respond to a poem. Especially when we're not at school and it's not being marked for coursework or an exam.


It can be really freeing and fun to play with words. Sometimes more fun when it's other people's! We will all have different interpretations and bits that resonate with us most, in any poem. I love this poem but I found it interesting as part of me resisted slightly when it mentions 'man' to mean humans. I have to remind myself just how old the language is.

What speaks most to you and how would you rewrite it? I'd love to hear your versions.

Wednesday 13th September, 10:41am

A lovely lie-in


What do you consider as a lie-in?

  • A weekend morning when you have no plans/no reason to get out of bed at a particular time.
  • When you haven't set an alarm.
  • Anything past your normal wake up time.
  • Something you only do when you're ill and have no choice.

Feel free to add your own to the possibilities above. If you're an early riser, you might not even consider you ever have a lie-in.

Having a little extra sleep or simply remaining lying down in comfortable surroundings (i.e. our own bed,) can have such a positive impact on general wellbeing. Even if we can't do it very often, especially if we can't do it very often, we are giving ourselves a gift. An act of self-care, moments of precious calm before the day has started.

Lounging around, reading, listening to or watching something can also have an uplifting effect. Providing, of course, we don't suffer with getting to sleep in general. Who says a lie-in needs to be where we sleep if this is the case? Anywhere you feel cosy, free and relaxed works wonders.

My sister and I like to use the term 'drowsing' for that lovely phase between sleep and wakefulness. It's feeling drowsy but dozing, a peaceful place where it's hard to care about any current stresses. We can just put those off for a little while...

When we're in this state, our brains can whir in the background and come up with helpful solutions to our issues, obstacles or problems. All because we're resting. Isn't that wonderful? So go ahead, plan your next lie-in!

Sunday 13th August, 3:09pm
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