Will hypnotherapy work on me?

Yes, hypnotherapy can work on anyone who wants to make a change and feel better. It isn't magic though, so requires effort and engagement from you, the client. However, the process can feel a bit magical.

Will I lose control if I am hypnotised?

Not at all. It's a streamlined state of focused attention, like being absorbed in a film or book. Like being in a daydream, you are able to come out of trance at any point. Generally people are so relaxed they don't want to though. You are in control of your actions and the changes you make. I am here as a guide to take you on a journey.

What if I fall asleep during relaxation?

Then you fall asleep! As long as you can physically hear me speaking at the beginning then the words will still seep into your subconscious. You're likely to wake as I wind up the session anyway but if not, I will do my best to gently bring you round. So you can rest assured.

Am I doing it right?

Whether it's hypnotherapy, relaxation, coaching or writing for wellbeing, there is no right or wrong way to feel or be. There are some general guidelines and things in place to make you feel safe but everyone is different and their experience of sessions will be different.

Do I need to prepare anything before a session or bring anything with me?

Not generally. The best thing you can bring with you to any session is an open mind and a desire to move forward. If anything else is required for a specific event then we will discuss it in advance. Many people like to take notes but unless it's a Writing for Wellbeing session, this isn't necessarily needed.


What are the benefits of online therapy?

  • It’s more comfortable. You’re using a space you’re familiar with, home or otherwise. You can lie on your bed, sit on a comfy chair/sofa.
  • You can have your favourite beverage handy, and even wear your PJs if you really want to!
  • There’s more time. We can fit your sessions around the rest of your life as you’re already at the venue.
  • There are no travel concerns or costs.  
  • There are no geographical limitations. If you live anywhere in the UK (or internationally, let’s discuss) I can still see you online.
  • There’s absolutely no risk of picking up Covid or any other unwanted germs.

Is it as effective online as in person?

Yes, it is just as effective depending on your needs.

Which platform do you use?

Zoom or WhatsApp mostly, but I am open to your preferred platform if that makes you more comfortable.

What if I struggle with using the technology?

It is quite simple to use and I am happy to guide you through it.  All you need is a device with a camera and a microphone. I will send you a link to use. Having an App is more useful but not necessary.