relaxation and calm

Has stress or anxiety sent you to a dark or uncomfortable place? Has uncertainty or constant change left you feeling lost?

Whatever the difficulties you’re facing right now…. I'll support you to feel calm, positive and confident about moving forward. This is a safe space to explore and understand your own resources for managing your mental health, on a 1:1 basis or as a group. With honesty, kindness and humour I'll gently guide you to find your way… your way.

The first step is often the hardest so I’m glad you’re here. I offer a free discovery call where we can discuss some of the issues you need support with and the ways I can help you best. Get in touch to book a time or find out more.

I look forward to connecting with you and helping you feel better.


Solution Focused Hypnotherapy
Using the power of your mind, and your own resources and strengths to help you move forward from whatever is keeping you stuck. find out more...
Self-Care Coaching
Understand and explore your goals in life and how to get there, while making more time for joy. find out more...
Guided Relaxation & Meditation
A tranquil journey for your mind or just a lovely lie down. find out more...
Writing for Wellbeing
Another way of accessing our subconscious for personal growth, and anxiety and stress relief. find out more...
Groups & Teams
Tailored wellbeing to anyone who's a regular part of your group or team find out more...
Short snippets of calm & peaceful content find out more...

Here you can listen to a two minute audio track to help you focus on your breath and find a little peace. Ideally you'd be lying down for this, but a comfy chair is also good.
This way you can also hear what I sound like.

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