Welcome to the place where your healing begins

Unwind & Uplift… It starts with U

What does feeling better mean to you?

It can mean different things to different people. You may want to:

Whatever your aim, I provide a safe place to help you think about what positive change means to you. Here, you can explore your own resources for managing your mental health. You can feel calmer, more comfortable and more capable to face your current difficulties.

I'll support you to move forward, with honesty, kindness and humour. I'll gently guide you to find your way… your own way.

The first step is often the hardest so I’m glad you’re here.

I offer a free discovery call to discuss the issues you need support with and which treatment(s) will suit you best.

I look forward to connecting with you and helping you feel better.

Get in touch to find out more.


Gently Uplift - Power Hour
A whole hour just for you! This tailored session addresses your most pressing wellbeing needs. find out more...
Harness the power of your mind and inner resources to tackle stress and anxiety while building confidence. find out more...
Rediscover your joy! Tailored self-care coaching sessions designed to create lasting change and achieve your goals. find out more...
Simply Unwind
Lie down, relax and find peace. Enjoy guided relaxation sessions with mindful visualisations and tranquil imagery. find out more...
Write for your Mind
Tap into your subconscious. Writing for wellbeing exercises to understand yourself better, release emotions and feel empowered. find out more...
Personalised Audios
Make your dreams a reality with bespoke guided relaxations for stress relief, manifestations or goal visualisations. find out more...
Groups & Teams
Feel better together! Tailored wellbeing sessions for your group or team, whether in work, education or community settings. find out more...
Mailing List
Sign up to stay updated with Unwind & Uplift's top wellness tips and latest treatments. find out more...
Take a breather

In just two minutes I can help you find focus and a little peace. Ideally, you want to lie down, but a comfy chair is just as good!

(This is also a great chance to hear what I sound like).

Press play to listen to this two-minute audio and feel your stresses melt away.