Little Peaces

This is a blog about things that are calming, positive or both!

Each post will be different, and perhaps unconventional, reflecting my values and those of my work. Let’s call it a pick ‘n’ mix without the calories. (Flashback to the Woolworths days anyone?)

T is for Tea, Trampolines & Trees

There is much to choose from in T-land. Not that I’m surprised. I’m sure this letter finds something for everyone. I wouldn’t suggest doing all of them at once though, as it could get a bit messy. :-)

What to settle down with: Tea


Whether it’s a herbal infusion or builders’ tea, there’s something very comforting about this brewed liquid. Perhaps it’s the way we can wrap our hands around a mug, the scent as we breathe it in, the mixture of flavours on our tongue. It might even be the sound of the kettle boiling, ready to pour. It’s probably not the visual representation, (although I have worked in a place where paint charts dictated colour preference of English Breakfast tea.) I’ll happily be proved wrong though.

What to try: Trampolining


Ever feel like channelling your inner Tigger? I loved a bouncy castle as a child (and still do if I’m honest.) It’s such a freeing feeling of weightlessness. A great use for any excess adrenaline we might have lingering around. They even have trampoline parks now. And you can exercise on them! Please be very cautious if you suffer with dizziness or high blood pressure though and consult your doctor if in doubt.

What to appreciate: Trees


Ancient and majestic, these beautiful creatures come in all manner of shapes and sizes, and provide us with so much goodness. Simply sitting by, walking amongst or hugging them can have a profound effect on our wellbeing. There’s no doubt they have an energy. Do you have a favourite near you?

What wonderful words:


I love this dictionary definition, which speaks for itself "a sudden wave of keen emotion or excitement, as to produce a tremor or tingling sensation through the body."


To me, if you’re thriving, that is your best self.


Such a silly word about something even sillier. Whether it’s touching someone who is ticklish (under arms and around feet are common areas) or feeling a laugh coming on, it’s a fun experience to be a part of.


Defined as "peaceful; quiet; calm." This is a feeling we generally strive towards.

I hope the letter T helps you to become playfully investigative in July.

Saturday 13th July, 12:00pm

U is for...Up, Uplit & Utensil art

Another letter that’s also a word, U has lots to offer in terms of calm and positivity. It has earned its prominent place in the name of my business, with self-care at the heart.

What to watch: Up


Released in 2009, this is one of many Pixar gems. To me, it's a story of unexpected friendships, teamwork, living out lifelong dreams and so much more. It will probably make you laugh, cry and jump for joy. Maybe even all at the same time. The characters are as rich as the colours. And to use the words of Winnie the Pooh, "Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon."

What to read: Up-lit


A lovely trend, more so recently, 'Uplifting Literature' contains themes of kindness, compassion, optimism and community. You can find recommendations on Goodreads. Examples include The Lady in the Van, Bridget Jones’s Diary and The Dalai Lama's Cat.

What to try: Utensil art


This one is about embracing your inner child and running with it. What interesting shaped utensils do you have lying around your kitchen? What will you create? I've given some much needed colour to the grey instruments I found, (see above.)

What wonderful words:


It's a fancy and quite mysterious word for 'without knowledge of'. In such an uncertain world, this could be exciting.


Who doesn't love a unicorn, or the idea of one? This beautiful, magical creature brings so much joy to children and adults alike.


We all have special gifts, skills and talents that make us different from each other in tiny, and huge ways. I love to celebrate individuality - whether it be that of my clients, family and friends or my own.


Such an incredibly 'big picture' we'll never be able to wrap our minds around it...but how very fascinating!

I hope the letter U is a positively calm influence on your life in June.

Thursday 13th June, 8:56pm

V is for Villages, Vision Boards & Vivo

V might stand for versus but it’s not our opponent. Here’s how it can help us find peace and joy in the present and future.

What to look out for: Villages (especially those with silly names)


I've been on a few drives across the UK over the last year or so and been taken on the scenic route. The villages I've visited along the way have been beautiful. Buildings full of character and charm. The set up of the roads and shops gives a real sense of community. You know the pace of life is slower, easier and simpler.

I wonder how many of you have lived or currently live in villages. If not, exploring them opens up the mind.

The great names of some places provide entertainment too. I've listed some of the cleaner, less rude ones below.

  • Dull (Perthshire) - twinned with Boring (Oregon)
  • Netherwallop (Hampshire)
  • Sheepy Parva and Sheepy Magna (Leicestershire)
  • Upton Snodsbury (Worcestershire)

What to try: Vision Boards


Another great tool for manifesting your desires and achieving goals. They are also really fun to put together. Vision boards are a visual representation using words, photos, drawings etc of how you want your life to be. It can be as simple or specialised as you wish. When complete, you can put it somewhere you can see it all the time as a reminder.

What to watch: Vivo


A heart-warming animation (currently available on Netflix) which asks the question 'what difference can one song make?' Themes include the power of friendship, second chances and connection through music. I personally loved the quote 'all I have to do is sing louder than my fear.'

What wonderful words:


The American word for taking a holiday. Taking time off is so important. Booking this time off gives us something to look forward to – wherever you go or don’t go (staycation.)


Found in poetry, songs and religious texts. This can group together powerful and soothing lines of writing – how kind of it.


This means full of energy and life, and feels multi-layered and rich.


This one has several meanings but I like this the best. “Denoting something from the past of high quality, especially something representing the best of its kind.”

I hope the letter V inspires your thinking in May.

Monday 13th May, 9:17pm

W is for Waves, Wonder & Worry Dolls

There is so much beginning with this letter I could probably write 5 blog posts. W sounds like twice as much fun and it is!

What to listen to and watch: Waves


There's something almost magical about these slow rolling water specimens. No wave is the same, which reminds us that things are constantly changing. Anxiety and stress come in waves but this too shall pass. The sound alone is soothing, but watching them can feel a bit hypnotic.

You can get your fix here or hundreds of other places online.

What to experience: Wonder


Have you ever seen something for the first time and been rendered speechless? It might be the White Cliffs of Dover (me), The Mary Rose ship remains (a friend) or the Northern Lights. We sometimes don't know what will bring on a strong positive emotional response.

Seeking out awe and wonder really helps us human beings to gain a sense of perspective of our place in the world, and the bigger picture. The recent solar eclipse is a great example of this. What happens if we try to see the world through a baby's eyes I wonder...

What to try: Worry Dolls


This beautiful, centuries old, legend comes from Guatemala. Children were given worry dolls before sleep to ease anxiety. Effectively the doll would worry for them. Before settling down for the night, they'd tell the doll about their problems, stroke it (to take the pain away) and put it under their pillow. They'd wake up feeling clearer and happier. 

These days adults use them just as much. It's a great way of offloading the day's stresses to allow for improved sleep. I am pleased to see there are now 'Worry monsters' available too. You can write down your woes, put them in the zip up pouch and the monster eats them. A lovely playful coping strategy!

What winning words:


Connected now to 'ness' and 'being' it's about feeling good physically and mentally. It has several other meanings too, one of which a beautiful and handy collection of water.


Described by the Cambridge Dictionary as 'unusual and strange in a way that might be funny or annoying'. My favourite synonym for this is 'fanciful' or fickle in a good way. Flowing down the paths that life takes us.


Does anyone else laugh at hearing this word? Particularly when demonstrated. It's such a fun, uplifting term for movement.


A want for something to be different, this is a powerful word. I use wishful thinking with clients all the time. We have to start with a wish in order to find solutions and ways to change things.

I hope the letter W exudes magic from your April.

Saturday 13th April, 10:00am

X is an eXample of greatness

I'll confess, I'd considered combining this one with Y or W because it's really not easy to find things that begin with this letter. But I like a challenge and I've had to do things a bit differently with X.

Where it sits and what it stands for: FleXibility


There's a lot of movement for X. Pushing aside, any naughty or totally adult usage, X is such a great letter:

  • It can sit away from its connection words.(e.g X Files (sorry, couldn't resist!)
  • It makes E a bit redundant in some cases. (e.g Extraordinary)
  • It can stand in for anything else it wants. (I might have lost my love for maths at the first mention of algebra, but X is a helpful letter to help us understand other things.) Saying "I need to do X" means you can choose what word/goal/meaning you need here. It gives you permission to express your individuality.

What to notice: Kisses

We’ve been adding Xs for kisses at the bottom of letters since as far back as 1763. We get X from the Roman alphabet which actually came from the Greek alphabet, pronounced /ks.

When we sign off a text, email, cards etc with Xs, it shows affection for the other person. It says 'I like you' and sometimes a lot more!

What to listen to: Xylophone


Just having this instrument as part of ambient background music is excellent for calm while you study or work. You can also use it for meditation. In fact, you can even play it - should you have access to one.

What lovely words, meanings and phrases:


A place or reception for strangers. In medieval times this was either a hostel or hospital.


A landscaping method that employs drought-resistant plants and special techniques to conserve water. Great for the planet!

X marks the spot

Refers to a specific location but creates mystery - like hidden treasure.

X Factor

No, not the reality music contest! But if you've got the X-factor, you've got a special something.

I hope the letter X wields its power over your March! :-)

Wednesday 13th March, 3:23pm
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