Client Stories

Some of my clients have found that glimmer of hope they never thought they’d see and some have had life changing breakthroughs in the middle of a session. Wherever someone is on that scale, it’s a privilege to help them get there.


Your workshop was excellent. It was informative in introducing us to the background of how our brains distinguish the happy and productive side of our brain from the primitive and survival side. It was a fun presentation with props and I will never look at peas in the same way again 😁 The colour relaxation technique was amazing, and I have used it since and had a lovely and relaxing result in getting to sleep.

J.T (Swanwick Writers Summer School workshop participant)

"Sarah’s workshop provided the best answer I have yet been given to the perennial question, ‘Why can’t I get on with my writing?’ She also gave some simple and effective strategies to encourage a more positive attitude towards my writing and myself."

Neil Z (Swanwick Writers Summer School workshop participant)

“The sessions have helped me change my mindset and has helped my anxiety. I can now help myself quicker when I’m stuck in a depressive spiral and overall I’m a lot happier in myself physically and mentally. Thank you again.”


"I was going through a particularly difficult time at the beginning of the year and was not getting any down time. I met Sarah and immediately upon talking to her felt a sense of calm. I had 6 sessions with Sarah on what started becoming my busiest days so she could talk me down off the ceiling. Spending that time each week gave me some balance, helped me relax and cope with my stress by refocusing my attention on something calming. Sarah helps you let go of your day.

Sarah is amazing and I would highly recommend talking to her to see how she can help you."


(after just a 15 minute Writing for Wellbeing taster session)

“You seem to have unlocked something in me. Now when I start writing things the answers I need to hear come through really easily!!!!!!”


“Writing for wellbeing, is a kind, free, and safe' imagined' space to come, lay down your brain thoughts on the paper, non judgement, non worry, if anger or love or hate is there. This helps to accept and move on with the prompt!

Not a morning page, not the structured way, you take and put in what you want, and surely this rhythm is music to someone, but you choose what is shared in this safe space.”


“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for helping me with some sessions ahead of my eye surgery. I was so impressed with your knowledge, professionalism and calming voice. It really felt like the ultimate pep talk. Throughout the day I kept practising telling myself the best case scenario and congratulating myself after each eye was done. Thank you.”


(FH, teenager)

“My sessions with Sarah helped me focus on positivity. She was friendly, easy to talk to and put me at ease straight away. The guided sleep meditation was great as it got me to sleep better and stop overanalysing.”

(JH, parent)

“Sarah has really helped my daughter with her anxiety issues and self-confidence. Her techniques help you understand you have the power within you to overcome negative thoughts.”


“Sarah made me feel relaxed during the sessions and on many occasions we had break throughs which helped me understand and identify my relationship with food and my diet downfalls. Thank you Sarah for all you have done with me to help me more forward.”


“From my very first hypnotherapy session with Sarah I felt a huge and positive difference in how I was tackling one particular situation. I felt calmer and much stronger than I'd previously felt and this has had a lasting effect. Sarah has a wonderful way of connecting with people, and I deeply appreciated the time she spent helping me to focus on what was necessary. Her voice was perfect for these sessions: warm, friendly and calm. I highly recommend you give this a try.”


“I met Sarah at a conference and was immediately impressed by her calm and engaging demeanour. She had mentioned that she was also a hypnotherapist who specialized in helping people overcome their fears and anxieties. Wow!  I can’t believe that our paths had crossed, as she was my saviour. She helped me claw my way towards the light. I had a ton of anxiety, a lot of worries and was not sleeping throughout the night. Through our weekly sessions, she sought to ease my anxiety, helped me focus on my productivity and aided in propelling me towards the path of positivity.  I cannot thank her enough for all that she has done for me.  My mental health took quite a beating this past Covid year and I give immense thanks to Sarah for her help to re-set my mental compass.   Sarah is calm, focused, dedicated, knowledgeable and compassionate, possessing all of the qualities one needs in a therapist and healer.   I’m forever in gratitude for the light.”  


“Relaxation sessions with Sarah have made a huge impact on my life! Sarah delivered such positive and revitalising sessions creating such a calming and warm atmosphere. I now feel more confident and I would highly recommend Sarah!”


“Thoroughly professional from beginning to end. Sarah helped me overcome my anxiety which allowed me to reset my thought processes and keep the past in the past.”


“We would like to thank Sarah for six weeks of online relaxation sessions. The course enabled us to take time out of our busy schedules to feel calm and restful in a supportive environment. Sarah’s soothing voice enabled our minds and bodies to relax and de-stress with the result that many of us found our quality of sleep improved. Accessing the relaxation sessions online meant that we were able to share the same experience from the comfort of our own homes and by providing us with a recording, Sarah has given us a fantastic relaxation tool going forwards.”


“Nothing prepared me for the impact that hypnotherapy sessions have had on me. I started therapy because I had some anxiety symptoms and at best I hoped I would find some strategies to deal with the symptoms. But instead, I no longer suffer from anxiety at all, despite moving house and having other ‘stressful’ things in my life. I have stopped feeling overwhelmed and I have a sense of peace. Within a week of my first session, I was sleeping all night through, where before I was waking for 2 or 3 hours every night.
I now feel confident in the choices I am making - the sessions have enabled me to take charge of my life and I feel so much more empowered and happier as a result. Sarah has given me the tools to become the real me, and I am so grateful.”


“Thank you Sarah, you have been the ideal guide through this process – you have listened without judgement and helped me to find my own strategies for moving forward. I have found our sessions very useful for understanding how the brain operates and how to best use that to my own advantage. Your calmness has made the sessions a time I look forward to, knowing I will have a much needed hour to relax and reflect!”


“I’ve always been curious about hypnotherapy. Sarah helped me gain a deeper understanding of how the brain can be rewired towards positivity and joy – and through consistent use of her guided visualisations I’m sleeping better and feeling less stressed.  Sarah is a calm, supportive and positive practitioner who provides a safe space to explore difficult thoughts and feelings. I came to her with the simple aim of learning one or two new tools to reduce stress and anxiety – and left our sessions with so much more. Thank you Sarah!”   

Claire S

“Loved my hypnotherapy experience. Sarah helped me reset my brain and helped with my anxiety. She also gave me the tools to relax and centre myself.”  


“Your recording is miracle worker for me Sarah! Even in this heat, I’ve been managing 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep at night, which is a bit of a record. I’m a new person! Thank you so much! ”