Groups & Teams

Feel better together! Tailored wellbeing sessions for your group or team, whether in work, education or community settings.

It’s never been more important to look after our mental health and wellbeing. Taking regular breaks and prioritising our work-life balance is vital but we all need some down time. Whether you get paid for your efforts and hours, or it's a personal hobby in your own time, reflection and understanding of ourselves is vital to perform at our best. Many of us are keen to strengthen our sense of human connection too.

I’m offering tailored sessions to suit your group or team. We can have a chat about what sort of stress and anxiety relief would most benefit the people in your tribe. Whether that's your colleagues, employees, community or special interest group, I'll support you to feel more connected to yourselves and each other.


What are the benefits?

  • More ways to relieve stress & anxiety
  • Feeling in control of things we have power over
  • Feeling calm and positive
  • More understanding of our needs
  • Personal growth
  • Team building
  • Increased productivity

Please get in touch to discuss ideas, packages and costs.