Golden Hour

Let us see what kind of magic we can achieve in an hour where we address your most pressing wellbeing needs.

The golden hour (as it's known to photographers) is the period of daytime just after sunrise or before sunset, where the sunlight feels and looks warmer and softer, emitting glimmers of light. It's sometimes called the magic hour.

This tailored session is an opportunity to talk through any issues or questions, try out a new tool to add to your kit or review your current ones, contemplate possible solutions etc. I'm here to listen, bounce ideas off and guide you onto the right path. Please note: this will not include giving advice or making suggestions. I'm very good at meaningful conversational nudging though!

Includes: 1 hour session with follow up playsheet(s) or action plan if desired.

£90 (Online) or £100 (in-person)

Recommended for:
  • Gaining a fresh perspective
  • Learning more about how I can support you on your wellbeing journey
  • Situations where a quick win is possible